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To Kill A Mockingbird

Review of chapter 1


What Happens-In chapter one, for the first time we hear about Jem, Caplurnia, Dill, Attiscus, the Radley's, Mrs. Dubose and Miss Rachel, and quite a bit about Boo Radley.  Of course there is also Scout the narrator.  We also learn that Scout's mother died when Scout was only two.  This is the reason for why we don't hear anything about her.  Since Scout was to young to remember her, we don't get to hear about her.  The narrators's brother, Jem, is four years older then her.  The book starts by saying this is the story of how Jem breaks his arm when he was thirteen.  Since Jem is only 10 when the book starts, I have to wait untill another chapter to talk about when he breaks his arm.  We find out about one of Jem's and Scout's friends, Dill.  Every summer, Dill goes back to his hometown, Maycomb, to stay with his Aunt Rachel.  During the school year he goes back to Meridian, Mississippi.  Dill's full name is Charles Barker Harris and when Jem hears it, he says it must be at least a foot bigger than Dill.  Dill might be short, but he makes up for it in being adventurous.  When he hears about the Radley's, he instantly becomes obsessed.  The Radley's are like the "Haunted Mystery Family" of the town.  They keep to themselves and don't folow the traditions of Maycomb, like leaving your front door open on Sundays, or going to church.  This only causes anything but good rumors about them and Boo.  We also hear about the Rumor that Boo stabbed his father with scissors.  At the end of the chapter, we see Dill dare Jem to go touch the Radley's house.  Finally after three days of begging, Jem give into Dill's pressure at touches their house.  after they are leaving Scout swears that she saw a little flicker of movement in the window but then everything was back to normal.