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To Kill A Mockingbird


This book takes place in Maycombm, Alabama right after the Great Depresion.  The place and time play a part in this book also.  There are many reasons big and small why Harper Lee chose this time and place to write about.

    1. Time-The Great Depression happened shortly before this story started.  Since the Cunningham's were farmers, the great depression hurt them the most.  This is why they are very poor.  This caused them to only eat what they can catch.  They will never take what they can't pay back and they pay with what they have.  That kind of shows what they have to do now that they are poor because of the time period.
    2. The geography of Maycomb is somewhat important.  They didn't live in any big cities which would've made it a completely different book.  Since their city was so small, everybody knew everybody else.  For example, when Scout was explaining the Cunninghams and Ewells to Miss. Caroline.  Everybody knew the Ewells and the Cunninghams because the town was so small.