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To Kill A Mockingbird

~Map of Maycomb~

Here is my favorite part of the website.  This is the map of Maycomb including the lables of where people live.  If i had a dog and there was a fire, i would take this to safety first.  Then maybe I'll consider the dog.


  1. Braxton Underwood
  2. Jail
  3. The Idler's Club
  4. Courthouse
  5. Cousin Fancis and Aunt Alexandra
  6. Atticus's Office
  7. Cecil Jacobs
  8. Mrs. Dubose
  9. The Finche's
  10. The Radley's
  11. Grammer School
  12. The Cunninghams
  13. The Ewells
  14. Miss Maudie and Miss Caroline
  15. Forst Purchase Church

Think you know the city of Maycomb like the back of your own hand?  Maybe you should try my "Map of Maycomb quiz".  Be sure to have the blank map in front of you first.