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To Kill A Mockingbird

Who's a Mockingbird?

"It's a sin to kill a mockingbird...Mockingbirds don't do one thing buy make music for us to enjoy"

Tom Robinson-Tom was a mocking bird for one main reason, all that he ever did was help people but the sentanced him to death anyway.  He only helped people as much as he could (including Mayella).  The thing that dissapoints me is that Mayella was one of the ones who 'killed that mockingbird'
Boo-Boo was the most obvious mockingbird in the book, Scout even said it.  Boo tried to save Scout and Jem's  life  but in the process of doing so, he killed Bob.  Mr. Tate decided that if he were to put Boo in jail for this, it would be a sin because he would have 'killed a mockingbird'
Mrs. Dubose-Even though Mrs. Dubose was very sick, all she wanted to do was cure herself of her addiction.  Scout and Jem did not know this and all that they did was hate her behind her back.  Then Jem trashed her yard and cut up her flowers. 
Mayella-Mayella was a mockingbird but ironically, she was also one who 'killed a mockingbird.'  She was just a child like any other except her father raped her and beat her.  Then they put her on trial and made her lie about Tom raping her.
Scout and Jem-Scout and Jem never did anything wrong to Bob Ewell.  After Bob threatened Atticus, Atticus didn't take the threat seriouslly.  Bob came after Scout and Jem and tried to kill them even though they never did anything to him.
Calpurnia-Calpurnia was less of a mockingbird than others.  She was Atticus's cook, housekeeper, and she watched over the kids.  When Aunt Alexandra came over all she did was complain that he should fire Calpurnia because she was black.  If it were up to Alexandra, Cal would be fired for one stupid reason, skin color.
Miss Caroline-She came to teach at the Maycomb school from out of town and her only plans were to teach.  Burris didn't care who she was, he gave her a hard time just so he wouldn't have to go to school.  Scout also gave her a hard time but not on purpose.
Atticus-Atticus is an important mockingbird.  He is just doing his job, defending Tom.  Once word gets out though, he loses all of his respect and sudenley everybody is Assaulting him for something he can't help.
Helen-Helen is Tom's wife and after he died, she needed a job.  Mr. Link Deas was nice enough to give her a job as his cook.  On the way to work, Helen has to pass by the Ewells.  Whenever she passed, Bob would assault her untill she stopped passing by.  Helen never did anything but because Bob didn't like her husband, she got to be a mockingbird.
Dolphus Raymond's Children-Dolphus's kid's were born half white half black.  The white's don't wwant them because they have some black in them, but the black's won't have the because they are part white.  They never did anything but they still are excluded from everyone.  Nobody wants them just ebcause they are different.