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To Kill A Mockingbird

Review of Chapter 12


What Happens-by this time in the book, Jem is twelve years old and starting to grow distant from Scout.  He is doing more things on his own and less things with Scout.  Scout goes up to complain to Calpurnia and she says that Mister Jem is just growing up.  Scout thinks that it's weird that she calls him 'Mister' even though he is only twelve.  That summer Dill did not come like he usually does but insteads they got a letter.  It was from Dill and it said that he had a new father and he would stay in Meridian and he planned on building a boat with his dad.  He said his dad was a lawyer like Atticus but younger.  Later that summer, the state legislature was called into an emergancy sesion and Atticus left Scout and Jem for a few weeks.  Scout asked Calpurnia what they would do about church that week and she invited them to go to her church with her.  Early next morning, she made sure that everyone was dressed and bathed.   When she saw Jem wearinga green tie with a blue suit she sent him right back to his room.  Scout asked why she was doing this and she said that she didn't want anyone saying that she doesn't take care of her kids.  When they arrive, Calpurnia bumps into a friend, Lula.  She asks Cal why she has to bring white kids to their church.  While they are arguing, Cal starts to talk like them instead of how she talks at home.  After they settle their fight,  mr. Zeebo stands up and says how glad he is to have Jem and Scout.  When they meet Reverend Sykes, he invites them to the front row.