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To Kill A Mockingbird

The Trial



At the beggining of the trial Scout and Jem arive against Atticus's wishes and they find that there are no seats left.  When they see reverend Sykes, he asks them to sit up in the balcony with them.  When they get up to the balcony, three negroes from the front row move to let them sit down.  When they look at the witness stand they already see Mr. Heck Tate already there.
       Mr. Heck Tate's Testimony: On November 21st, he was leaving his office when Mr. Ewell came in and said a Negro raped his daughter.  That was when he got in his car and went to Mr. Ewells house.  When he got there, she was badley beaten and when Mr Heck Tate asked her who did it, she said it was Tom Robinson.  He drove to Tom's house and brought him back and She identified him as the one.  In addition, Atticus made it very clear that no one called the doctor.  
Inguries:  They were around her head, bruises on her arm that happened about thirty minutes before.  She had a black eye coming on her right eye.  At that point, Tom, Atticus, and Mr. Tate looked suprised as if a light bulb just flicked on.  There were more inguries on the back of her neck.
       Mr. Robert E. Lee Ewell's Testimony:  He is the father of Mayella Ewell and her mother died.  Before sundown, he was coming in from the woods, when he got to the fence he heard Mayella screaming.  He ran up to the  window (three feet off of the ground) and saw Tom raping Mayella.  The room looked like there had been a fight there.  He saw that it was Tom, then he ran inside.  After he Saw Mayella, he went straight to Mr. Tate.  He also stated that he has asked the county for fifteen years to clean the nest of Negroes and he said that they are dangerous to live around.  He also didn't contact a doctor.  They find out that he is literate and also that he is left-handed
Inguries:  Completely agreed with Mr. Tates description of the inguries.  Many bruises, neck inguries, and a right black eye.
Mayella Violet Ewell's Testimony:  At dusk on November 21st, she was sitting on the front porch doing nothing. (this whole time she is crying because she is scared of Atticus).  She is nineteen and a half years old.  She was supposed to chop up an old chiffarobe (See #1).  She wasn't feeling very strong so she asked Tom to do it for her.  She said she would pay him a nickle.  When she went in the house to get a nickle for him, she turned around and he was on her.  grabbed her around her neck and repeatedly hit her.  While he was doing this, she kicked and screamed as loud as she could. The next thing that she remembered was Mr. Ewell standing over her saying 'who done it?  who done it.'  Then she fainted.  She also does  everything she can to avoid answering questions (claims Atticus is mocking her, claims he is repeating questions, or just doesn't answer).  She is the oldest of seven brothers and sisters.  Atticus asked her if she loved her father and if he was easy to get along with.  Mayella said yes except, that's when Atticus finished her sentance.  He said 'except when he's drunk?'  She said yes but she denied that her father has ever beaten her.  She said that Tom was well known to her but she never asked him inside the fence before.  She wasn't sure whether or not he beat her face.  When She said Tom raped her and Tom stood up, everyone saw that his left arm was twelve inches shorther than his left.  She reclaimed that she turned around and he was there.  She said she couldn't rune either.  He asked where the other children were over five times but she didn't answer any of them. 
Tom Robinson's Testimony:  On his way home on November 21st, he passed Mayella on the porch like she said she was.  She asked him to come inside to fix the door hinges because fall is coming.  He pulled the door back and forth and saw that nothing was wrong with it.  Then, she shut the door in his face.  Then he asked, 'where are the children?'  She said that they went to town to buy ice cream.  He said something like, 'It was nice of you to save up money to treat them.'  She asked him to go inside, step up on a chair, and get a box off of the top of thye chiffarobe.  When he got up on top of the chair Mayella grabbed him around the legs.  He was so scared that he ju ped off of the chair and it tipped over.  That was the only toppled over peice of furniture in the room.  The he turned around and she jumped on him andd hugged him around the waist.  Then she kissed him on the side of the face and she told him to kiss her back.  She said that she has never been kissed before and her father doesn't count.  He tried to run but she blocked the door and when he told her to move, Mr. Ewell shouted through the window 'You goddamn whore ill kill ya.'  Then Tom ran because he was scared of what might happen because he is black.  At this point, Mr. Link Dias rose and said that he has never had a speck of trouble out of him for the eight years Tom worked for him.  Tom was asked about him being out away for thirty days for 'disorderley conduct'.  After Tom said he lost the fight but he was still convicted, He said that he reckoned he was strong enough to kill a woman although he never did.  He said that although he had many chores, he was still glad to help Mayella.  After that Mr. Gilmer asks over and over why Tom ran.  Over and over Tom answers that he was scared.  The father would see a black man with his daughter and that would not look good.
(Dill gets sick of Gilmer badgering Tom and decides to leave)

  1. A tall piece of furniture typically having drawers on one side and space for hanging clothes on the other.


After listening to each individual's tetimony, i have foun several deatils that make me beleive that Mr. Tate, Mr. Ewell, or Mayella have not been completely honest. 
  1. Mr. Ewell said that when he was outside of the window, he clearly saw Tom Robinson raping his daughter.  Mayella said that when he ran in he started to scream 'Who done it?'
  2. Mr Ewell is a drunk.  He is also left handed which would make it easier for him to beat up her right eye.
  3. Mr. Tate said that there were bruises on the back of her neck.  Mayella said she turned around to face Tom and that was when he started to choke her.
  4. Tom Robinson's left arm had all of the muscle pulled out and Mayella was beaten on the right side.
  5. Also, Mayella said she had seven siblings and she was screaming her head off.  Chances are one of them would hear her.  Even if they were playing in the dump, the dump is closer than the woods.
  6. Tom Robinson said that whenever he would do her a favor, she would never pay him.  Mayella said that when he raped her, he was coming inside to get paid.
  7. Mr. Ewell is definately a racist.  That gives him more reason to blame a black man.  Even Mr. Glimer realizes his mistake.  "'I know who it was all right, lived down in that negro -nest, passed the house every day.  Iv'e asked this county for fifteen years to clean out that nest down 'younder, they're dangerous to live around sides devaulin my property---                       'Thank you Mr. Ewell' said Mr. Gilmer hurridley"  (pg. 175)
  8. Tom Robinson said that the children would always be watchin ghim or hanging around while he was working.  If he actually was working, then they wouldv'e been there.
  9. When Mayella kissed Tom, she said that she has never kissed a man before and her father doesn't count.  This is evidence that her father sexually abused her before and he would do it again.  This may have been one of those times.
  10. Tom said that when Mayella pulled him off of the chair it toppled over.  He also said that that was the only peice of furniture that fell over.  Mr. Ewell said that the entire room was messed up like there was a fight.

What do you think the verdict should be according to the evidance?  What do you think the verdict should be?

      After Tom is found guilty, he is put in jail.  Before his appeal and during his exercise time in the jail yard, he tries to escape.  Out of no where he runs to the fence and tries to climb over it.  He was so fast if he had two hands he might have made it.  They warned him to stop but he didn't listen.  The guards put nearly seventeen bullets in him to stop him.  When they see someone escaping, he isn't a person with a wife and kids, he is just an escaping criminal.