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To Kill A Mockingbird

Review of Chapter 11




Mrs. Dubose


What Happens-The chapter starts with Scout halfway through second grade and Boo is long forgotten.  Jem and Scout both hate Mrs. Dubose, she lives alone except for a negro girl who helps her.  Whenever Scout would walk by and say 'hey Mrs. Dubose', she would say 'don't say hey to me you ugly girl.'  After Jem's twelfth birthday, he went to town to buy a miiature steam engine and a baton for Scout.  When they passed by Mrs. Dubose's house, she started talking about Atticus and how he was defennding Tom Robinson in court.  Jem started to get extreamly upset that she brought this up, but Scout held him back and they went to town.  After Jem bought his train, he went to buy Scout her baton.  When they passed by Mrs. Dubose's house, she  was not on the porch.  Inexpectedley, Jem took Scout's baton and ran into Mrs Dubose's yard and started to cut up the every Camellia bush in her yard.  Jem broke Scout's baton and pulled her home.  When Atticus came home he stopped on the front steps and screamed for Jem.  He asked Jem if he was responsible for her lawn.  Jem said yes and Atticus told Jem to go and have a little talk with her.  When Jem came back he said that he fixed her lawn, appoligized, and would go every Saturday and help fix her lawn.  He also said that she wanted him to come to her house everyday after school and on Saturdays and read out loud to her for two hours for a month.  That Monday after school, Scout and Jem went to Mrs. Dubose's house to read to her.  Jem started reading and after twenty minutes, they noticed that she wasn't listening. After the timer went off, she told them all to go home.  On the way out Jessie said that it was time for her medication.  They continued their daily reading with Mrs. Dubose.  A month later, they kept on seeing her for the reading.  Although, everyday the time increases by five or ten minutes.  Jem finished his reading and a month later, Atticus came home with a candy box and said that Mrs. Dubose died.  He told Jem that she was a morphine addict.  Atticus said that even though she wasn't listening to the reading, she was slowly getting off of the morphine.  He said that she died free and clean of morphine.  Atticus also tol dJem that she left him something.  Atticus gave Jem a box and inside was a perfect camellia.  Jem threw it to the ground and screamed 'Why won't she leave me alone?!'   Atticus said that she was the bravest woman that he ever knew because she had her own view of things, even though they were different that his.  Jem picked up the flower and walked to his room
    The camellia is the symbol of the KKK