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To Kill A Mockingbird

Review of Chapter 10

What Happens-Th chapter starts out with Scout saying that Atticus was feeble.  He was almost fifty.  Whenever Jem wanted to tackle him in football, Atticus would just say he is too old for that.  Atticus never did what the other fathers did.  He never went hunting, played poker, went fishing, drank, or smoked.  All that he did was read.  Atticus wouldn't teach them how to shoot their air-riffles, he let uncle Jack teach them.  He told them that he'd rather them shoot at tin cans, but if they were going to shoot at birds they'd better be bluejays.  he told them to never shoot a mockingbird because it was a sin.  All mockingbirds do is sing for us and since they never do anything bad, it is a sin to kill a mockingbird.  Scout tells Miss Maudie that Atticus can't do anything.  Miss Maudie says that even though he is fifty, he can still do a lot.  He can play the Jew's harp and he is the best checkers player in Maycomb.  Scout says that she and Jem have beaten him a lot.  Miss Maudie said it's about time that they know it's because he lets them win.  When Atticus came home for dinner he asked Scout what she was aiming at with her gun.  She replied Miss Maudies rear end.  While Scout was talking to Calpurnia, Cal said that Atticus could do lots of things.  When Scout asked what, Cal said she didn't know.  On Saturday, Scout and Jem went walking around outside with their riffles.  Jem stopped and said he saw an old dog (Tim Johnson) far away.  Jem thought that something was wrong and he said that they should go home and tell Cal.  He said that Tim was twichting his torso and moseyin' along.  Cal went outside and saw the dog.  She ran inside, called Atticus, and said that there was a mad dog down the street.  She told Eula May (the operater) and tells her to call everyone on the street and tell them that a mad dog's coming.  The Radley's didn't have a phone so she ran outside to tell them.  She banged on the door saying that a mad dog's coming.  No one answered.  That was when Atticus and Mr. Heck Tate came.  They saw Tim walking down the street.  Mr. Tate told Atticus that he should shoot him.  After a short argument, Atticus took the gun and walked in the middle of the street.  Atticus took off his glasses, fired the riffle, and Tim dropped dead.  Atticus and Tate walked over there and one by one, neighbors started to come out of their houses.  They called Mr. Zeebo to come pick it up and while they were waiting, Miss Maudie called Atticus one-shot Finch (his old nickname).  Miss Maudie said that next to being the best checkers player in Maycomb, he also had the best aim.  Scout asked Miss Maudie why he never goes hunting.  She said that his marksmanship was a gift from God and that gave him an unfair advantage over everything else.  Mr. Zeebo drove up in his garbage truck to pick up Tim.  He got out of the truck, picked up Tim with a pitchfork, and poured stuff where Tim once was.  When they got home Scout said that they would have something to talk about at school on Monday.  Jem told her not to say anything, if Atticus were proud of it, he would of told them before.