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To Kill A Mockingbird

Review of Chapter 9

What Happens-At the begining of the chapter, Scout is in a fight with Cecil Jacobs because he said Atticus was defending  a black man.  She denied it but asked Atticus about it.  Atticus said of course he does.  Atticus said he was a black man's lawyer, his name is Tom Robinson.  Scout asks Atticus why he is doing it and Atticus says that the main reason was that if he didn't, he wouldn't have any more pride.  If he didn't, he could never ask Scout to pay attention to him anymore.  Atticus new he would lose because a case like this was never won, but that is no reason to not try.  Scout said he sounded like Cousin Ike Finch.  The next day when Cecil was making fun of her and saying that Atticus was a disgrace, she just walked away for the first time.  Scout and Jem had some upsides and downsides to Christmas.  On the upside, the tree and Uncle Jack.  On the downside, Cousin Francis and Aunt Alexandra (and quite possibly Uncle Jimmy aunt Alexandra's husband).  Every Christmas they drove to the Finches landing to meet Aunt Alexandra and cousin Francis.  Fracis loved everything Scout hated so they never got along.  Every Christmas eve, Uncle Jack came on the train.  When he arrived, uncle Jack told Scout about how his cat has been eating leftover fingers and ears from the hospital.  Scout said that was a damn story.  Atticus said to ignore her because she has been swearing for over a week.  When she kept on swearing uncle Jack told her to stop it, she was more like Atticus than her mother.  Next morning, they opened their presents and found two air-powered riffles.  She asked Francis what he got for Christmas, he said exactly what he wanted, knee socks.  When Scout talked to Francis, she felt that he was the most boring child in the world.  At Christmas dinner, Scout sat at the little table while Jem and Francis sat with the grownups.  After dinner, Scout told Francis that she and Dill were going to get married as soon as they could.  Francis started to laugh.  Scout asked what was so funny and Francis said that Grandma said he was homeless.  After that, he started making fun of Atticus for defending Tom Robinson.  He ran away into the kitchen and Aunt Alexandra said he wasn't alowed in there.  Francis screames from inside that Scout locked him inside.  When Aunt Alexandra leaves, Francis starts making fun of Atticus again and that time she punched him in the face.  Uncle Jack grabbed Scout and told her to hold still.  Scout tells Uncle Jack that he isn't fair because he didn't listen to her side of the story.  Scout tells Jack her side of the story.