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To Kill A Mockingbird

Review of Chapter 8


What Happens-That year, it was the coldest winter since 1885.  Mrs. Radley died and Scout and Jem thought that Boo had something to do with it.  Atticus said that she died of natural causes.  When Scout woke up and looked out the window and almost died of fright.  She ran to Atticus and said the world was ending but it was just snow.  Eula May called to say that there was no school today because it snowed for the first time since 1885.  Eula May was the town's leading telephone operater.  Jem asked Atticus how to make a snowman but he had no idea.  He also said there would hardley be enough snow to make a snowball.  That didn't discourage Jem, he didn't want to waste an ounce of snow.  He wouldn't let Scout eat it or even walk in it.  They went to miss Maudies house and asked for her snow.  She happily accepted and told them to take it all, if they didn't her azaleas would die.  After they got their snow, Jem started to dig up dirt.  He started to pile it up and make a snowman out of dirt.  When he was done making 'Mr. Avery' out of dirt, he started to pack snow on it.  When Atticus comes home, he says that Jem can't go around making caricatures of neighboors.  Jem says it isn't,  it looks just like him.  Trying to make everyone happy, he goes to Miss Maudie's house and brongs back a sunhat and hedge clippers and puts them on the snowman.  After Scout went to bed, the next thing she remembered was being woken up by Atticus around 1 am.  She asked what was wrong and he said that Miss Maudie's house was on fire.  Atticus told Jem to go down to the Radley's house and wait with Scout.  It was so cold out that the firetruck had to be pushed by a crowd.  Mr. Avery's face appeared in the window and he threw a matress out.  On top of the matress, he started to throw out furniture.  When people started screaming that the stairs might colapse and he should get out, he started to climb out of the window.  For a slight second, he got stuck but the wriggled lose.  he got to the top porch and jumped over the edge and safely escaped.  Then they heard a firetruck pulling to a stop by their house.  As the firetruck sprayed their house with water, Jem saw their snowman melt and he saw the sunhat on top of a pile of snow and mud.  Sudenly, Miss Maudie's house collapsed.  It was almost dawn when people started to leave.  They went inside and started drinking hot chocolate when Atticus said 'i thought i told you to stay put'.  They said that they did but Atticus asked where they got the blanket from.  Scout looked at her shoulders and realized that there was a blanket around her shoulder.  Atticus said that someday Scout might be able to thank him for giving her the blanket.  Scout asked who and Atticus said it was Boo, she was so busy looking at the fire, she never saw him.  The next morning,  they brought Miss Maudie's stuff back and appologized about her house.  Miss Maudie Didn't seem upset at all.  She said she hated her house and now with more yard space, she would have more room for flowers.