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To Kill A Mockingbird

Review of Chapter 7

Mr. Radley

What Happens-Scout just just started second grade which was even worse than the first.  Jem tells Scout that on that night when he lost his pants, he went back to get them but they were stiched up, folded, and draped over the fence.  The next time they passed by the hole in the tree where they saw the gum, they found a ball of gray twine.  Scout told him not to touch it because it was someones hiding place.  Jem reluctantly agreed.  On the third day that they passed the tree, Jem took the ball of twine and from then on, they decided that anything in the tree was theirs.  One day in October they passed by the tree and saw soing white in it.  Scout took it out and saw that it was two bars of soap.  When she looked closer she saw that it was actually Scout and Jem.  Jem put the dolls in his trunk with the other treasures they found.  Less then two weeks later, they found a pack of gum, a medal (Atticus said it was a spelling medal), a pocket watch with a chain, and an aluminum knife.  The thought comes along that they should write a letter and leave it in the tree.  They thanked the person for the stuff and signed it Jem Finch (and Scout).  When they got to the tree, they saw that someone had filled it with cement.  They asked Nathan if he filled it with cement and he said yes.  He had to do it because the tree was dying.  Jem asked Atticus if the tree was dying and he said that the tree was perfectly healthy.