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To Kill A Mockingbird

Review of Chapter 6

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What Happens-Jem and Dill walked by the Radley's house and they decided that they wanted to peek inside and try and see Boo Radley.  Scout really doesn't want to go but when Jem calls her a  girl, she has no choice but to go.  They wanted to go late at night so it would be easier to see inside.  When they arrive at the back gate, they try to open it but it squeaks.  They take  turns spitting on it and pass without a problem.  When they arrived in the back yard, they saw it was even less friendly than the front yard.  Jem and Scout help Dill up to the window.  When he came down he said all he saw was curtains and a little light.  Jem got on the porch and tried to look through the window.  Then Scout saw a shadow of a man with a hat on.  Then they heard a shotgun fire of in the sky.  As they tried to run away, Jem held the barbed wire fence for Scout and Dill.  When Jem tried to get through but no one was there to hold the fence for him.  He got caught on the fence and he kicked off his pants to ge free.  When Jem gets back, Miss Maudie asks him if he heard all of the comotion.  He asks her what happpened and she said Mr. Radley shot at a negro in his yard,  actually he shot in the air to scar him off.  Although next time he wont aim high.  No matter whose in the yard, could be a negro, dog, or...Jem.  She said that when she saw he wasn't wearing pants.  Atticus asked him where that was when Dill came in and said he won his pants in a game of strip poker.  Atticus told him to go get his pants.  Jem has to find a way to get his pants back so when Atticus falls asleep Jem decides to go ge his pants and Scout tries to stop him but it's no use.  When he comes back Scout sees him with his pants and he goes to bed.

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