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To Kill A Mockingbird

Review of Chapter 5

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What Happens-Scout continued to bother Jem and try to make him stop the gaem, but as long as Atticus didn't say they couldn't play, they could.  Early that summer Dill asked Scout to marry him but as soon as he asked her, he forgot.  Their deal with Miss Maudie was that they could run around in her lawn if they avaoided her flowers.  They said that Miss Maudie hated her house, all of the time spent indoors was wasted.  She loved all of the plants in her yard except the nut grass (onesprig of it could kill a whole yard).  When Scout asked Miss Maudie if she thought Boo was alive, she said of course.  She asked how she knew and Miss Maudie said because he hasn't been caried out yet.  When Scout tells her that Jem suggested that they stuffed him in a chimeny, miss Maudie said he gets more and more like Uncle Jack Finch every day.  Every Christmas Jack would scream across the street and ask MissMaudie to mary him.  Miss Maudie said that Arthur just likes to stay inside the house a lot.  He stays inside because he doesn't want to come out but the real question is why doesn't he want to come out.  Scout tells Miss Maudie about the rumors about Boo and she says most of it came from Mrs. Stephanie Crawford.  (Stephanie claimed that when she woke up once she saw Boo outside her window).  The next morning she went to go join Jem and Dill but they told her to go away.  When she refuses they tell her they are going to write a letter to Boo.  Dill is going to try and stick it on the window sill.  They told Scout that she had to stay and keep watch.  In the letter all they are doing is asking him to come outside and they would buy him ice cream.  Dill said that he probably has a really long beard and Scout asks 'like your daddy?'  Dill says his dad doesn't have a beard.  Dill says his dad shaved it off.  The find a spot where they can reach the window with a fishing pole but when the have the envolope on the window, but they realize they can't get it off the hook.They give up and go inside for luch.  Atticus asks to see the letter and he tells them to stop tormenting him. 

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