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To Kill A Mockingbird

Review of chapter 4

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What Happens-Since Scout's classlet's out thirty minutes before Jem's, She started to walk home early.  When she passed by the Radley's place, she saw a piece of tin foil sticking out of the knot-hole in the tree.  She saw that it was a piece of gum and she was about to eat it.  She thought that it might be poisoned so she licked it and when she didn't die, she put it in her mouth.  Jem saw and asked where she got it.  She said she found it in a tree, Jem said that if she ate something from that tree she would die.  On the last day of school, the teachers let Scout and Jem out early and they walked home together.  As they passed the tree that Scout found gum in, she pointed it out to Jem.  That was when they saw a second treasure in the knot-hole.  It was a ring box wrapped in gum wrapers but inside instead of a ring, there were two indian head pennies.  One was from 1906 and the other from 1900.  After finding this, they figured that this was someones special hiding place.  That left them with a problem of who's it was.  They thought it might be Cecil Jacobs.  Cecil is terified of the Radley's and he walks an extra mile out ofthe way to avoid the Radley's.  They decide that they would keep them until school starts again.  Two days after that, Dill arived.  He rode the train from Meridian to Maycomb Junction all by himself.  Dill said that his father was taller than atticus, he had a black beard,and he was president of the L & R railroad.  When they are walking down the street Dill claims that he smells death by the Radley's house.  Then, he leans over and smells Jem and Scout and says that they will die in three days.  They both tell him to stop it and then for the first time we hear about hot steams. If you are walking down a street and you pas by a hot spot, it is where a dead person can't get up to heaven it is a hot steam.  If you pass through it you'll become one too.  If you have to pass through one, you say "angel-bright, life-in-death, get off the road don't suck my breath."  After that conversation was over, Scout suggests that they roll around in the tire.  Scout got to go first and away she rolled, right into the Radley's place.  She heard Jem to get out of there and she ran away.  She left the tire there though but she persuaded Jem to get it.  While they are drinking lemonade, Jem comes up with a brand new game called 'Boo Radley.'  Scoutwas scared that Boo would be inside the house and if he saw what they were doing, he might hurt them.  Jem said that was nonesense and Boo died years ago but the Radley's stuffed him in a chimeny.  The roles of game was Scou was Mrs. Radley(she just sweptthe porch), Dill was old Mr. Radley (he walked up and down the street coughing), And Jem of course was Boo (he went under the front steps and howeled).  As the summer passed, Their game was changing into a small play.  Their play was made from bits of gossip around the neighborhood like Boo bit off Mrs. Radley's forefinger when he cou;dn't find any cats to eat.  They even Stole the scissors from inside and acted out Boo stabbing Mr. Radley.  Whenever Mr. Nathan  or one of the Radley's walked by, they would stand still and silent until he passed.  Atticus asked them what they are doing withthe scissors and if it has anything to do with the Radley's.  Jem says no and figures that Atticus didn't say they can't play anymore, so they continued with the game.

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