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To Kill A Mockingbird

Review of chapter 3

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What Happens-At the begining of the chapter, Scout catches up with Walter and beats him up for getting her off to a bad start.  She was still rubbing his nose in the dirt when Jem stopped her and asked er what she was doing.  She told Jem the whole story and Jem invited Walter over for dinner.  When he didn't answer they started walking home but before they made it he screamed that he would come.  Walter tells them about when he almost died eating the "poisoned" pecans by the Radley's place.  Before dinner he asked for some syrup.  When Calpurnia brought some out, he drenched his dinner in it.  Calprurnia suddenely requested Scout's presence in the kitchen.  She was so furious that she made Scout eat her dinner in the kitchen.  When Scout went back to school she was shocked to hear Miss Caroline scream.  What was she screaming at?  She saw a "cootie" in Burris Ewell's hair.  Burris was a really poor person in Maycomb.  He lived at the dump, and his father is a drunk.  Miss Caroline told Burris to leave school, take a bath, and wash his hair before soming back.  He tells her that he was just about to leave anyway.  When Miss Caroline asks what he means, a student says that he is a Ewell and all Ewells go to school only the first day to get their name on the list.  When she tells Burris to go home again he calls her a name and leaves.  If you must know what her called her it was a "snot-nosed slut of a teacher."  When she's done crying, she reads a book to all of the students.  When Scout got home, She tells Atticus she doesn't feel good and she won't ever go to school again if it's all right with him.  She asked if he could teach her like his dad taught him and Uncle jack. He said no, he needed to make a living and it's illeagal.  She told him that if she kept on going to school they couldn't read anymore.  She askshim about Burris and why he doesn't have to go to school.  Atticus says that it's better to bend the law in special cases.  He says the Ewell's are the disgrace of Maycomb.  Since Scout if of the comon folk, she must obey the law.  Something else that the Ewells can do is hunt and trap out of season.  Then Scout gets really upset because if she keeps on following the laws she can't read with Atticus anymore.  Atticus makes an agreement with Scout that is she keeps on going to school, he will keep on readin to her.  She gladly accepts. 

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