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To Kill A Mockingbird

Review of chapter 2

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What Happens-This is the chapter where we first meet Miss caroline Fisher and Walter Cunningham. It is the end of Dill's sttay at the begining of the chapter but the begining of the school year for Scout.  This is where she meets her first techer at the grammer school, Miss Caroline.  While she is teaching the whole class how to read,she finds out the Scout can already read perfectly.  Miss Caroline is furiouswith Scout because she is teaching using a new method.  According tp Jem the "Dewey Decimal System" is the new way thaqt she teaches.  We find that Walter doesn't have a lunch and when Miss Caroline offers him a quarter he refuses it.  When Scout explains that Cunninghams will never take what they can't pay back, Miss Caroline tell's Scout to stick out her hand.  Scout could only think of one reason that she had to stick out her hand was so that Miss Caroline would spit on it (the only reason anyone in Maycomb needed a hand to seal an oral contract).  When she lightly taps it half a dozen times the whole class breakes out with laughter.  And finally, Scout finishes her punishment with spending a shorth time in the corner.

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